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Classy American Design Walls

Welcome to Classy American Design Walls.       

My Design Walls come in 3 Sizes.
Regular 56”x 65” Jumbo 70” x 72”  Super 84” x100”.   

introducton video
84”design wall
Repair video

Welcome and thank you for your interest in this Very Classy, Very Efficient, and Very Unique!
Quilt Design Wall /Shade. Made for all Quilters by a Quilter.

After my mother Judy, came up with the idea, it took approximately 1 year of Designing & Redesigning to make the best Design Wall .

We make them for you with a 30 day 100% risk-free customer satisfaction money Back Guarantee .

Due to increase in supplies we will have a small increase in prices in January.

No Unhappy Customers! 30 day return policy.
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